About Us

The Alliance of Chinese Culture & Arts (ACCA) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, fully operated by the passionate volunteers. It is composed of the local chapters, member organizations, as well as the outstanding artists and the professional art groups. Its mission is to share Chinese culture heritage , develop “East meets West” music programs, build bridge for cultural diversity, connect people through the power of arts, and also facilitate collaboration spirit among the Chinese communities across regions.

美中文化艺术联合会(简称:美国华艺)是在美国联邦注册的、由志愿者运行的民间非盈利组织。它由地区分会,明星社团,以及杰出的华人艺术家和艺术团队组成。它的宗旨是分享中华文化,  促进多元文化的共融, 通过丰富多彩的中华艺术来增进人文交流;同时也促进华人社团跨地区的携手合作,实现共同发展。


Mi Shen      Chair
Bingwen Yan       Co-chair & Finance Officer
Huan Gao      Vice-Chair & Treasurer
Jackie Liu      Secretary


The chapter executives are the leaders of each chapter. Their ability to set the tone and direction of each chapter will determine its success.


Sacramento (CA) Chapter 加州首府萨克拉门托分会

Xiaoyi Liu (刘晓艺)      President (会长)
Mengxue Liu (刘梦雪)       VP (副会长)
Fengchun Jiang (姜逢春)       Supervisor (监事长)
Jun Wei (韦 珺)       Treasurer (财务长)


Minneapolis (MN) Chapter 明里苏达州明尼阿波利斯分会

Huan Gao (高寰)      President (会长)
Ruzhao Cheng (程汝钊 )       VP of Media Partners (副会长,负责传媒合作)
Fengzhe Sun (孙凤泽 )       VP of Volunteerism (副会长,负责志愿者服务)
Huazhi Li (李华志)       Treasurer (财务长)


Cincinnati (OH) Chapter 俄亥俄州辛辛那提分会

Lanxi Song (宋岚曦)       President (会长)
Jackie Zhang (张晓艳)       Past President (前任会长)
Jun Li (李俊)        Treasurer (财务长)
Weiwei Wang (王玮玮)       Director (常务理事)
Junzheng Ding (丁俊正)       Director (常务理事)


Jersey City (NJ) Chapter 新泽西州泽西城分会

Andrew Chiang (蒋念居)      President (会长)
Naiyi Chen (陈乃霓)       VP of Performing Arts (副会长,负责表演艺术)
Ana Ren         Treasurer (财务长)


Tampa (FL) Chapter 佛罗里达州坦帕分会

Xiaoming Li (李晓明)      President (会长)
Fengmin Wei (韦凤鸣)       VP of Performing Arts (副会长,负责表演艺术)
Jessie Xu(徐净植)        Treasurer (财务长)